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Mit dem besten Gewissen genießen. Im Einklang mit der Natur. Im Einklang mit uns selbst. Auf den eigenen Instinkt vertrauen. Weil das Leben unendlich wertvoll ist!

 100% Eco in your hotel in Ramsau am Dachstein – because we live & love it

Nature, regionalism & sustainability

100% Eco – in the feistererhof, this is not a hollow promise, but a way of living that we have adopted because we are absolutely convinced of its positive effect on health and nature alike. For generations, we have exclusively been producing organic food on our own organic farm and we know very well that this food is not only very healthy, but also extremely tasty. Moreover, we attach a lot of value to maintaining a healthy natural environment and - whenever possible - we love supporting regionalism and sustainability with our offers.


One of our most precious treasures: our own spring of water. This is a really unique feistererhof feature and we are very proud of having our own spring of fresh mountain water that we can offer our guests. It lies very close to our Eco hotel and supplies us with clear and healthy water throughout the entire year.

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